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Rugby World Cup - Sweepstake

Published - 5 September 2023

Aberdeen Grammar Rugby are running a sweepstake for this year’s Rugby World Cup!
Entry cost is £10 with proceeds going towards club funding, you can enter as many times as you like
to increase your chances of winning.
This year’s fundraising is vitally important for helping towards the rising costs of running a rugby
team in Scotland. Profit generated from the sweepstake will go a long way in aiding travel and
playing costs for the 2023/24 season.

You can enter the sweepstake by visiting the following link: https://pay.collctiv.com/aberdeen-

Please make sure to include your name in the description so that we can contact the winners.
This year the prizes are accumulative, growing as you progress through the competition (winnings
will be paid out after the cup final). The prize for each milestone is as follows:
Escaping the pool stage – £5
Winning a quarter final - £5
Winning a semi-final - £5
Win 3rd place - £5
Win 2nd place - £5
Win cup final - £30
For example, if your team finishes 2nd place you would receive £5 + £5 + £5 + £5 = £20
There are also two bonus prizes for the bottom half of the competition:
If your team has the highest pool points out of the other three seed 4 teams - £5
If your team has the highest pool points out of the other three seed 5 teams - £5
For example, if you have drawn Uruguay and Uruguay finish with more pool points than Tonga,
Georgia, and Samoa, you would win the prize as the top seed 4 team. The same format will apply for
the seed 5 teams.
We look forward to seeing you all take part and wish you the best of luck!

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