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Hedkayse Protective Headgear

Published - 14 June 2024

At 19.00 hrs on Wednesday 26th June 2024, a Zoom presentation (joining link) will be made by Ben Laundon of Hedkayse on the new protective headgear available for all players from minis to seniors, both male and female.

Aberdeen Grammar Rugby has been instrumental in assisting in the headgear receiving World Rugby approval. Details of the R5 headgear are available below and also at www.headkayse.com

Dr Marshall Garrett, who has a comprehensive knowledge of head injuries and resultant medical conditions will be on the call to answer any medical questions.

This presentation is especially important for female players and those engaged with this cohort as the Scottish Government are to issue clear guidance on the enhanced risk of immediate and long term brain injury to female players from repeated head injuries or impacts causing the brain to be agitated. Sub concussive impacts over a period of time are also a concern and this product could allow players to continue in the sport for longer periods with less risk of long term brain injury.

We encourage all directors, committee members, coaches, medical support staff, players and parents to join the Zoom call and improve their understanding of the issues and the reduction of risk by utilising this world leading technology. For those wishing further information, a comprehensive review of the issue of head injury in contact rugby by Dr. Garrett is available from myself at email below.

This is an opportunity to enhance the safety of all players who involve themselves in contact sport.

Those wishing to attend should email their address to Gordon Thomson at g.thomson.t21@btinternet.com by 17.00hrs on 26th June so a record of all those attending can be taken.

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