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Player Safety at Aberdeen Grammar Rugby

Published - 1 November 2022

Aberdeen Grammar Rugby (the Club) takes the safety of all participants in Rugby as its main priority and has robust medical support within the Club to advise on best practice and treatment of injured players.

As we are engaging in the delivery of rugby to older girls and women as part of our own plan and also within the three-year plan launched by the SRU in early 2021, the Club sought advice from the SRU on additional support that may be required as well as knowledge of any enhanced risks in women's and girls' rugby.

However, as no advice was offered by the SRU and no additional risks identified, the Club commissioned its own review of published medical studies to ensure our comprehensive medical support and training was sufficient for the development of our women’s and girls’ teams. The review was conducted by Dr. Marshall Garrett in August/ September 2022 and has been shared with the SRU.

Pending their response to the review and as an interim measure, the Executive Committee of the Club considers it appropriate that all of our players, irrespective of gender, and the parents/guardians of players under the age of 16 should be supplied with sufficient knowledge to give informed consent for the player to continue in their engagement with contact rugby at the Club.

To this end, links to a cover letter and an Informed Consent Form are below, together with the original report and supplementary questions and responses from Dr Garrett.

Cover Letter and Informed Consent Form

Original Report by Dr Garrett

Supplementary Questions and Responses

Dependent on the volume of questions or requests for further information, a forum will be convened or a zoom meeting with Dr Garrett and myself.

As explained in the documents concussion is not restricted to rugby, it is a matter that impacts on the participants in many sports. I personally believe that the benefits of playing and training for rugby bring many benefits that outweigh the risks. However the Club considers it is only fair that players and parents have the opportunity to assess the benefits and risks of engaging in rugby and make an informed decision.

All players at the Club should follow the instructions contained within the cover letter and Informed Consent Form and return the signed Consent Form to their coach or myself.

Anyone wishing to discuss the matter can call me on 07718 905003 or Dr Garrett on 07801 703094.

Gordon Thomson

Chairperson, Aberdeen Grammar Rugby

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